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Updated for 2017 bringing in a more fresh and modern feel, while retaining the identity established over many years of the old logo. You can check out the previous version below to see the evolution.

ESLstarter logo

Ascot Carpet Co

Logo for leading carpet and wood flooring supplier.

The colours royal blue and gold, with a crown (in which eagle eyes may make out the company letters ACC) all combine to reflect both the royal connection asociated with the Ascot area and the high level of quality and service offered by the company itself.

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Ascot Carpet Co logo Ascot Carpet Co branding photos

BJT Accountants

Fresh logo design for accountancy firm in southern England. A clean, attractive colour contrast was used with a serif font to give it a professional edge.

BJT logo

Logo design for an upcoming website called which will enable keen travellers to keep track of all their trips.

Love Travel logo

Yardbirds logo rebrand

Yep Design were commissioned to undertake a rebranding of the logo for one of the most influencial rock banks in UK history: The Yardbirds.

It was important to retain the recognisable style of the original logo but it was felt an uplift was needed to reflect the direction of the band and the new members within it.

Yardbirds logo

Teach Abroad logos

Set of custom logos to use in promotional materials for various Teach English Abroad (or TEFL) programs.

Teach and Learn logos

OU Student Charter

A simple identity to help promote the Open University's Student Charter document.

Student Charter logo


Experiencing new places around the world is what it's all about. We tried to encapsulate this in the logo. The arrows that wrap around the Earth represent the motion of travel and the two-way process of teaching and learning.

'Teach English Abroad' appears as a passport style stamp.

ESLstarter logo

Coaching Business

Logo identity for a prominent business coach and international speaker.

To represent our client's personability, the letters CB combine with the help of negative space to make a sideways smiley face.

Love Travel logo

Monobo Footwear

Yep design took the Asia based Monobo brand and gave it a fresh look for the European market.

These business cards were designed to show off both the updated brand and the range of products available.

Monobo business cards

Ash Personal Training

Yep created a complete branding package for Ash PT. The logo needed to be bright, modern and transfer well onto a vehicle for on-the-go promotion.

Slick business cards were created and a poster campaign to attract more clients.

Ash PT logo and car stickers

JED Installations

Logo design for a business offering various types of window and shop front installations.

JED Installations logo

Bettsworth HR

Yep worked on the branding for Bettsworth Human Resources. The block with the human figures represents unity and equality and can be used as a stand-alone logo where space is limited.

Bettsworth HR logo

My Stuff

The Open University required a logo for an online storage facility for students to keep their files safe.

MyStuff logo


The logo for this social network was designed to fit into the header of the website which we made into a blue sky. That enabled the cloud to stand out and feel more natural.

Cloudworks logo

JK Services Ltd

Logo design for a highly reputable builder in Buckinghamshire. We combined his initials to create an interesting identity to accompany the business name.

JK Services logo