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Company branding and logo design in Milton Keynes

Strong branding will help your business stand out and attract the right customers for your product or service. We specialise in logo design, stationery templates (invoice templates, pay slips, letterheads), business cards, vehicle livery and more. Get in touch today

Website, Branding

Loula Barbers

Branding and website design for a new barber shop near Southampton. We also designed the shop signage for handover to a local signwriters for production.

Colibrí Editorial

Logo design for a start-up publishers based in South America. We wanted to create a logo that worked well in black and white as it would mainly be appearing in B&W only print materials.


Harris Carpets & Flooring

A rebrand to bring a more modern and classy feel to the company image. We went for a stripped back approach with focus on clean typography to make the brand feel established and provide longevity. Business cards, invoice slips and van livery were included.


Go Envigado

Logo masthead for a quarterly printed publication in Envigado, Colombia, dealing with social events and activities. The letters lean forward slightly as a subtle representation of movement.


OU Student Charter

A logo identity to help promote the Open University's Student Charter document. The use of iconography and a clean font help the logo stand out despite its simplicity.


Coaching Business

Logo identity for a business coach and international speaker. To represent optimism and approchability, the letters CB combine using negative space to make a sideways smiley face.



This rebranding project brought in a more fresh and modern feel, while retaining the identity established over many years of the old logo. The stacked version was created especially for social media usage.


MJ Harris Flooring

Custom vehicle design for a Mercedes Benz Vito. We first created some indicative designs and once signed off moved onto the official template (in Adobe Illustrator) so the file could be handed over to the printers in the correct format. Fantastic result!


Ascot Carpet Co Ltd

The colours royal blue and gold, with a crown (eagle eyes may make out the company letters ACC) combine to reflect the royal connection asociated with the Ascot area and the high level of quality and service offered by the company itself.


The Yardbirds

A logo uplift for one of the most influencial rock bands in UK history. The recognisable style of the original logo was retained but it was felt a refresh was needed to reflect the direction of the band and the new members within it.